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At Home Retreat, we offer an exquisite range of individually handcrafted pots, burnished to its natural resplendent colours, painstakingly created by the Sasak tribe of Lombok, Java.

In Home Retreat, each pot is the masterpiece of the Famous Artists in Lombok. They are uniquely individualistic and create, truly, a great piece of art for your home. They add a Balinese flair to home décor and enrich your living standards just like that of most prestigious 5-star hotels in Bali. They could also enhance the greenery of your garden by placing them individually or in-group without any additional touch.

Home Retreat’s products are all imported from Indonesia. Other pot products include

  • Multicolored Pots in a variety of shapes and sizes brought in from Jogjakarta, which have paintings on them, each tell a different tale or depict a particular facet of the multiculture of Indonesia.
  • Beautifully Crafted Decorative Terracotta Candleholders in various sizes, Ashtrays, Mosquito Repellent Holders, Household Articles such as serving trays, bowls and pots encased in rattan which can be hung with plants, Huge Earthenware pots that can be placed either in the garden or indoors as well as pots specially designed to be used as garden lights.

Beside pots, Home Retreat also brings you the Authentic Balinese Gazebos in the privacy and comfort of your garden. It is complete with coconut trees trunks as pillars and alang-alang (elephant grass) as roofing, with a 10-year wedding dresses guarantee against leaking.

Furthermore, Home Retreat also offers a wide range of Lombok handmade Palm Leave Furniture, Water replica watches Features, Bamboo Blinds, Wooden Masks as well as Stone Statues from Thailand.

At Home Retreat, you’ll be spoilt for choice cos’ we have the best décor to beautify your home garden or living room.


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